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All of our products have a built-in demo period so you can try them out before buying. You'll receive a license file from this store after purchase to unlock the full version.

Return Policy

We want all of our users to be happy users. Thus, in addition to the free trial/demo periods on all of our software, we also offer an unusually long 60-day refund period. Just contact support and let us know about your problem—if we can't make you happy with your purchase, then we don't want your money.


  • Maintenance updates (e.g. 7.1.4) and small/medium updates (e.g. 7.2) are free to the users of the major version (e.g. 7).
  • Major version releases usually include discounted upgrades for users of previous major versions. The store will automatically offer up any upgrades you're eligible for when you enter your email address.

Competitive Upgrades

Upgrade pricing is available for paid users of competing products. Please send proof of purchase to support, and we'll add it to your store account.

Educational Licenses

With an owner that has way too much education (and student loans) and who is an occasional adjunct professor on the side (on effectively a volunteer basis), Decimus cares greatly about education. We are pleased to offer steep discounts to students, faculty, and staff of accredited educational institutions for single-user, personal-use-only licenses of our products.

The store will automatically recognize educational email addresses and offer the discounted licenses. If it's not recognizing your email as educational, or you don't have an educational email address, contact support with proof of educational status, and we'll update your account.

Volume Discounts

Multiple license purchases of a single product will automatically receive a volume discount from the store.

  • Units 2-5: 10% off
  • Units 6-25: 20% off
  • Units 26-100: 30% off
  • Units 101+: 50% off

Plug in the quantity you're interested in to see what the grand total would be.

All purchases come with a free ice cream sundae!

We love our users, and we love meeting with you and hearing about how you use our products. So if you're going to be in the neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, drop us an email and Tony will personally take you out for ice cream. (Limit 1 per paying customer.)