Writing a good bug report

For best results when writing a bug report, please include (at least) the following:

  • the exact version of the software you are running, as obtained from the About box. This will look something along the lines of “7.x.x (XXXX)”.
  • a summary of the problem
  • if at all possible, a step-by-step process we can use to reproduce your bug—if you can help us reproduce it quickly and easily, we can help you faster and get bugs fixed faster. Unfortunately, if we can’t reproduce it, we may not be able to help in some instances.
  • any conditions that need to hold for the bug to occur or to not occur (for example, “if you turn off archiving the bug goes away”)
  • how reproducible the bug is—does it happen every time, frequently, occasionally, or just the once?

Additional information is required for crashing and hanging bugs. The following should be submitted by email:

  • Crash logs are required for crashing bugs. Crash logs can be located in /Library/Logs/CrashReporter or <your home folder>/Library/Logs/CrashReporter
  • When the app hangs (becomes unresponsive), you will need to provide a sample from the hung app. You can generate a sample using Activity Monitor, at /Applications/Utilities/. Select the app in the window, and choose “Sample” from the progress menu.

Please send these as attachments, rather than pasting them into your email, as it’s easier for our automated tools to process crash and sample logs if they haven’t been garbled by email formatting.

If you provide all of this information in a clear manner, we can usually fix bugs with an extremely rapid turnaround. Thanks in advance for your report!

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