Who Are We?

Decimus Software was formed by Ben Rister in 2003 to adopt Synk, the synchronization and backup software that remains our flagship line of products today. In 2008, Decimus both released DTerm and acquired Polarian Technologies, including Screen Mimic. Work continues eternally on new product ideas as well as major and minor upgrades to our existing products.

Tony Gonzalez began working with Decimus in 2010, along with the release of Synk 7, to manage customer care and the localization of Synk into other languages. In Fall 2011 Ben moved on to other opportunities and no longer actively participates in Decimus, but the products that he created are now cared for by Tony, who is also expertly assisted by a number of other individuals around the world.

We feel that the "personal touch" has been tragically missing from the industry lately, and are doing our best to bring it back through staying personally visible where possible and through prompt and personal responses to emails. We remain obsessively dedicated to the design and business philosophies that have earned us the affections of our users, and hope to continue to delight all of you for years to come. Do feel free to get in touch anytime you like—we're just these ordinary guys, trying to make ends meet doing something we love.


Tony Gonzalez, Operations Manager

Tony Gonzalez headshotTony is (or has been at some point) a software developer, an entrepreneur, a math and computer science teacher, a Japanese instructor, a translator, a software localizer, a husband and father, and a semi-professional student. He's been flipping back and forth between Japan and the US for two decades now, and will decide what he wants to be when he grows up any day now. His first computer was a "Fat Mac," an astounding 512K of RAM and 8 MHz of raw power that changed his life forever.

Tony lives in Portland, Oregon, where he totally digs the craft beers, excellent coffee, and at least three months of sunshine per year.

Benjamin Rister, Dear Departed Founder

Benjamin Rister headshotA Mac user since the days of the Mac Plus in the mid-80s, he's been developing software for the Mac for nearly as long. Ben previously started a game development tools company out of his college dorm room that turned out as what one might affectionately call a "learning experience." However, he clearly did not learn the pains of multitasking entrepreneurship well enough, as he later founded Decimus Software while in the Ph.D. program at Carnegie Mellon, to try to do something about the significant student loans that are the unfortunate consequence of being a chronic academic. (And as he is soon to be a father, he especially encourages you to purchase Decimus's products so that he can start saving for college, class of 2024!)

When not hunched over a computer, Ben can be frequently found on the racquetball court, hunched over a (piano) keyboard, hunched over a Go board (he's ex-president of the Pittsburgh Go Association), dancing Argentine tango, or showing off his impressively bad flick playing Ultimate. At home, he cooks a lot of good stuff and is a bit of a movie buff, with an emphasis on film scores. You should not get him started on green chile.

Other Supporting Cast

As an indie company, we often use contractors and freelancers as needed during development. Here are people who have contributed to our products or the company itself along the way:

  • Zack Davis
  • Mike De Rosa
  • Linda Griffith
  • Dave Hardin
  • Jordan Langille
  • Mischa McLachlan
  • Rory Prior
  • Rob Rix
  • Matthew Seigel
  • Tim Van Damme

Contact Info

Electronic communication may be sent via support, which functions as our digital receptionist and can put you in touch with the proper party as needed.

Corporate address:

Decimus Software c/o Mini-Oni, LLC
404 NW 10th Ave., Suite 201
Portland, OR 97209

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Though we're small and intend to remain so, Decimus is always on the lookout for a perfect match. If you think you've got the passion and drive, not to mention the crazy skills, drop us a line and we'll chat. We'd love to hear from you.

Properties of an ideal person at the moment would be somebody capable of taking lead on an entire (existing) product, design and development, with minimal supervision.