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Live file sync and backup for the Mac

Synk is live file synchronizer, compatible with OS X 10.6 ("Snow Leopard") through 10.10 ("Yosemite"), designed to make surprisingly sophisticated sync and backup features accessible to everybody. Join the many dedicated users around the world, from grandmothers to Turing Award winners, from universities to movie studios, and even some higher-ups at a certain technology company we all know and love!

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Version 7.0.12

Release Notes

Requires Mac OS X v10.6 "Snow Leopard" or later

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Demo & Full Version

Version 7.0.12

Release Notes

Requires Mac OS X v10.6 "Snow Leopard" or later

Older versions

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Easy to Get Started

Synk includes several templates for common workflows to help you get started quickly. Help files for each template clearly explain what settings have to be made now, and which you can wait and see if you need. In most cases, you'll just need to tell Synk where you want the data, and it'll take care of all of the details with safe, practical defaults. There's also both a User's Guide and additional help files covering the entire app for when you decide to start digging deeper.

Screenshot of Synk's exclusion list

Be Exclusive

Easily exclude specific items from synchronization you want Synk to skip. For instance, you may have a folder of very large virtual machine files you don't want to back up: just add it to the list, no problem.

A Safety Net for your Data

Screenshot of Synk's archiving settings

Let's face it. The greatest risk to your data is probably not the nefarious hard drive crash, lightning strike, or random corruption—it's you. How often do you wish that you could just have back last week's version of a document, or decide that in retrospect, maybe you really shouldn't have deleted that file?

When you use Synk's archiving feature, whenever a file would be updated or deleted, it is tucked away for safekeeping in an archive rather than being eternally lost. Combined with Synk 7's live sync, you can be more sure than ever that you'll always be able to get the data you need. Even if last week you were sure you'd never need it again.

  • Save updated and deleted copies of files for future retrieval
  • Automatically compress the archived copies to save disk space and network bandwidth
  • Automatically remove old archived copies that get too old
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Plays Well With Others

  • Supports any filesystem or networking protocol that's usable on the Mac, including HFS+, FAT, NTFS (read-only), AFP, SMB, CIFS, and FTP (read-only)
  • No proprietary backup format; your data is directly visible and usable without needing Synk
  • Archived files are very thinly wrapped to make it easier to restore specific old copies, but can be directly accessed easily using only the Finder; no specialized software (including Synk) is required


While we've put a lot of effort into making Synk super fast and efficient, sometimes you're doing something like audio editing or really heavy workloads on huge files and need every single ounce of effort your computer can put forth. No problem; Synk can automatically pause synchronization in a variety of situations, and will pick back up again automatically, keeping you safe, when the need passes.

  • Run Synk like a screensaver, pausing while you're using the computer, and syncing while you're away
  • Have Synk automatically pause during particular times of day


  • Automatically detects sync conflicts to help prevent accidental data loss
  • Safe copy behavior means dropped network connection and other unexpected failures won't corrupt or truncate files
  • Underlying software architecture is segmented and designed according to Apple's best security practices, and carefully designed to ensure that Synk isn't used to open security holes or data leaks in the system. This leverages nearly a decade of experience doing backup and sync software on Mac OS X; there are a tremendous number of strange corner cases we've seen over the years that our experience helps us ensure are handled properly.


SynkSharing is a custom network protocol that allows Synk to address several limitations of traditional file sharing. SynkSharing is the best way to keep data on two Macs in sync over a network.

  • Improves compatibility and avoidance of permissions issues, including the new ability to make a bootable backup across the network
  • Allows live sync over the network
  • Opportunities for performance enhancements